Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
Garland, Texas
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" Serving our community
since 1976 "
Garland RACES is authorized by the Office of Emergency Management, Garland, Texas.
Garland R.A.C.E.S. on the air training each first, second, third, and fifth Thursday.
First & Third Thursday for regular on the air training.
Second Thursday checkin only/Optional Winlink Training
Garland ARES ® on the air training each fourth Thursday.
Fifth Thursday checkin only
All training is at 9:00pm on 146.66/06, pl 110.9Hz (Primary) 147.24/84 (Secondary)
No training Thanksgiving or the last 3 Thursdays of December.
(147.54 Garland Simplex) Garland Winlink RMS Node - WG5EOC-10 on 144.930

Current Alert

Homeland Security Live Alert

Garland RACES is always looking for amateur radio operators interested in using their skills for public service and emergency communications. If you are interested in becoming a memeber of this dedicated team of amateur radio operators in service to the City of Garland and its citizens, we are interested in you.

       To join us   Click Here.      To view our requirements  Click Here.

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Created in 1952 primarily to serve in civil defense emergencies, RACES provides essential communications and warning links to supplement State and local government assets during emergencies. As defined in the rules, RACES is a radiocommunication service, provided by volunteer licensed amateurs, designed to provide emergency communications to local or state civil-preparedness agencies. It is important to note that RACES operation is authorized by emergency management officials only, and this operation is strictly limited to official civil-preparedness activity in the event of an emergency-communications situation. 2002 marked its golden anniversary!
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  • For information regarding the Garland RACES organization, contact Garland Office of Emergency Management.
    For information regarding Garland's ARES® organization, contact Bob Jones, W5BJ , Garland ARES® Emergency Coordinator.
    Send comments, suggestions or link requests to: garland-races
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